European Frequency and Time Award
The European Frequency and Time Award has been awarded since 1993, with the goal of recognizing outstanding contributions in all fields covered by the EFTF.

The 2006 European Frequency and Time Award goes to
Prof. Dr. Raymond Besson (Laboratoire de Chronométrie Electronique Piézoélectricité, Besançon) for his outstanding scientific research on the design and development of the BVA resonator as a prerequisite to the success of clocks on ground and in space and for his invaluable contributions to the existence and the success of the European Frequency and Time Forum.
Bild Dr. Besson

EFTF Young Scientist Award

The EFTF Young Scientist Award is conferred in recognition of a personal contribution that demonstrated a high degree of initiative and creativity and lead to already established or easily foreseeable outstanding advances in the field of time and frequency metrology. The award honors a person under the age of 40 at the date of the opening session of the 2006 EFTF conference.

The 2006 EFTF Young Scientist Award goes to Dr. Pierre Lemonde (LNE-SYRTE, Paris) in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the first transportable Cs fountain clock and to the space clock PHARAO and for his contributions to novel optical clocks based on neutral atoms.

Bild Dr. Lemonde